At Deep Rise Fund (DRF), we fund the Future of Tech.

We invest on ambitious founders solving real problems with high impact on society through transformational technologies.

We believe that technology enables economic development and wealth creation, while it also brings equality and progress to society. It democratizes solutions that used to be only available for only a few.

Technology is our DNA, but also teams and dreams. We are mission driven and we are born to help founders achieve their dreams.

The advent of Internet has shifted the focus that the Venture Capital Industry was born with; from funding real technological innovation, into a more opportunistic approach for digitally enabled businesses (ie. e-commerce or intermediation).

We think that these companies have difficulty in creating a long lasting competitive advantage, making the timing window of the investment a key factor for returns. We want to go back to the Origins. We want to see the Deep Technological Rise companies again. They make timing less important, as they create defensible businesses that are around for decades and have an enduring impact in the market and the society, creating outstanding and durable returns for us as investors.

In summary, we want to help to build these new revolutionary technologies with the potential to disrupt entire industries and contribute to human evolution and wealth creation with exceptional returns.

If you are ready to join us to re-invent the future, reach out here.

"We wanted Flying cars, instead we got 140 characters"
— PeterThiel



We believe that entrepreneurs are heroes and we put them first at everything
we do.


We believe in mission driven entrepreneurs that have a clear why to what they are doing and are determined to break walls.


We believe that values resilience and a team effort are the keys to successful entrepreneurship.


We are comfortable with the imperfection of a new venture. We want to help founders from day zero.


We believe in the intersection of technology, science, teams and creativity. We get inspired by visionary teams.


We believe in helping entrepreneurs and giving back to the ecosystem without expecting anything in return.

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